fodder closeupYour horse deserves the very best in feed every day. At Silver Quarter Acres, most of our resident horses are fed a fresh nutrient-rich green feed every day, year round. We call it fodder, and it's a living nutritious barley grass that horses find very palatable.

Fodder is chock full of the enzymes, probiotics and other goodness that is lost when traditional dead forages are cut, dried, baled and stored. Plus, the high moisture content of fodder is an excellent source of natural hydration.

A supplement of fresh barley grass in a horse's diet causes better digestibility and assimilation of its' daily feed. Your horse will experience a positive effect on their health and performance, and the benefits are noticeable immediately.

happy horse with fodderHow do we do it? We have a hydroponic growing room at SQA that is specifically designed to sprout grain and legume seeds. It provides us with a supply of fresh vegetation grown year-round that we harvest daily on site. The growing process does not involve any pesticides, herbicides or harmful chemicals. It's organic! And it's a great feed for your valuable horses.

Our job is to ensure that your equine pal is getting a complete and balanced diet. We also feed premium grass and alfalfa hay along with select Purina products to our resident horses. With the addition of barley fodder, we have the ability to bring the benefits of a nutritious green pasture to your horse all year long.

If you'd like more information about our fodder program, we're happy to answer your questions and show you around. Just contact us and we'll work out the details.