Boarding Special

MoneyCome board with us. New boarders will pay only $199 for the first month of board, or you can spread the savings out over the first six months, your choice. Limited space is available, and the special requires a six month stay. Shop around, then see what Silver Quarter Acres has to offer. Call us today at (303) 279-6896 to set aside your spot. Limited time only.

Nutrition Program

Healthy moms. Healthy babies.Our goal is straightforward: provide sufficient feed to satisfy nutrient requirements for growth, maintenance, or work while maintaining optimal body condition. To do that, we use quality Purina feed products, premium grass and alfalfa hay and a fresh organic barley fodder that we grow on site. 

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Fresh Barley Fodder

fodder closeupYour horse deserves the very best in feed every day. At Silver Quarter Acres, most of our resident horses are fed a fresh nutrient-rich green feed every day, year round. We call it fodder, and it's a living nutritious barley grass that horses find very palatable.

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Wellness Requirements

WellnessWe want to provide the highest quality care for your horse, so we maintain the following wellness requirements for all the horses at our facility. Our wellness requirements are listed below for adult horses which have been previously vaccinated. Requirements for foals, broodmares, and stallions may vary.

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RulesThese rules are for the safety of our boarders, visitors and horses. In addition to the rules on this list, we expect our boarders and guests to be respectful of people, property and animals.

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Piggy BankWe believe that Silver Quarter Acres represents one of the best values for your boarding dollars. Our current rates are posted here so that you can compare and check it out for yourself. Payment for services can be made by cash, check and most credit cards.

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Boarding Documents

papersAll our boarding documents in pdf form are here for your use. Print the document you'd like from the list below. Then fax or scan and email them to us.

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Healthy Horses Access Agreement

Horse-Sick-150During disease threats in our county or other periods when we tighten our biosecurity measures, we may require that farriers and other visiting professionals, in order to access our facility, agree to take certain precautions to avoid spreading disease from barn to barn or horse to horse. Vets and boarders are excepted. The Agreement can be found here.